Harnessing The Power of Data

To Improve Injury Outcomes

Our bill review service

provides a crucial source of foundational data


Berkley Care Network

Gives someone injured the best chance for recovery

Strong clinical partners are at the heart

of any recovery and of what we do


Harnessing the POWER OF DATA to improve injury outcomes

We provide essential technology services for the managed care industry

Medical Bill Review

This is the backbone of operation. Our advanced analytics drive efficiency and reliability in handling claims.

Other Clinical Services

Our toolkit includes everything from utilization review to independent medical exam, and it lets us meet any contingency.


Case Management

Our telephonic and field nurses offer the expertise and support that injured workers need to attain the best outcomes.

Data Analytics

Information is our lifeblood. We use machine learning and robust algorithms to lay out the most successful path forward.

Our Services

Medical Bill Review

Berkley Medical Management Solutions’ medical bill-review system deploys advanced analytic technologies to deliver the most reliable and efficient handling of claims

Telephonic Case Management

Our telephonic case management service brings to bear a team of expert nurses to help workers achieve the most efficient and effective recovery and return to work

Field Case Management

When a case manager’s ability to remotely oversee a case is stretched, Berkley Medical Management Solutions’ field case managers are available to direct the best possible outcomes for the most complex cases

Utilization Review

Monitoring the clinical appropriateness of an injured worker’s treatment is key not only to a speedy and successful recovery but also to holding down medical spending

Independent Medical Exam

Our independent medical exams are foundational to ensuring injured workers are properly diagnosed and treated

Peer Review

We provide a comprehensive peer review program that matches like-to-like providers where required by a particular jurisdiction

Physician Advisory Review

Through our Physician Advisory Review solution, we harness the power of combined expertise to ensure thorough consideration is given the diagnosis and treatment of an injured or ill worker

Radiology Review

One important service is a review of radiology readings to ensure a proper diagnosis of an injured worker's condition

Hospital Review

An audit of a hospital or similar medical care facility is an important part of ensuring workers can obtain the best quality care that will speed their recovery

Berkley Care Network

We maintain a network unrivaled in its quality because we believe giving those who are injured access to the most skilled clinicians is the surest way to allow for a speedy and successful recovery

Panel Posting

Clear information is critical to better understanding and to a solid recovery so we make a point to provide relevant information through our work-site panels even when they’re not required

Medicare Set Aside

WeScoping out proper and accurate forecasts to ensure proper payment of future medical services is critical not only to the wellbeing of the injured worker but also to safeguarding the Medicare program

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Our PBM program improves patient safety by flagging improper, duplicative or high-risk prescriptions and it also works to reduce unnecessary spending in one of the biggest drivers of overall medical costs