Our Services

Harnessing the power of data to improve outcomes.

Berkley Medical Management Solutions provides a different kind of managed-care service for W. R. Berkley Insurance Group. Too often, vended managed-care services focus on billable services instead of getting injured or ill employees back to work quickly with the best possible outcomes. We started by reimagining the relationship between medical need and technology as a way to deliver the best outcomes. The goal was clear: combine solid clinical practices, proven return-to-work strategies and robust software into one system for seamless management of workers’ compensation cases.

To get it right, we started with a flexible technology platform that allows for impressive customization without sacrificing the ability for expansion and continued innovation.

The power of our technology takes medical bill-review services, clinical advisory solutions, and data analytics to a new level. We deploy integrated systems and, where appropriate, outsourced services to give W. R. Berkley Insurance Group recommendations and professional services for managing cases in an efficient and appropriate manner for each jurisdiction.

The unique marriage of technology and professional services provides W. R. Berkley Insurance Group, and their clients, with reliable results while reducing time and expense associated with case management.

Our services help the clients of W. R. Berkley Insurance Group better manage their workers' compensation cases and return their employees to work faster with better outcomes.

Berkley Medical Management Solutions is a specialized unit of W. R. Berkley Insurance Group. Click here to view the news release on the establishment of Berkley Medical Management Solutions.